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Xanthelasma TCA Treatment

Is this a safe option for removal of xanthelasma?


Is it safe to use trichloroacetic acid to treat xanthelasma and what are the risks?

The xanthelasma & trichloroacetic acid technique is remarkably similar to the liquid nitrogen treatment of xanthelasma. Trichloroacetic acid was formerly utilised by certain clinicians to attempt to remove the xanthelasma plaques’ cellular wall components. Your Xanthelasma therapy would take place at a physician’s office or a setting similar to that. Medical experts and clients alike are gradually abandoning this therapy due to the Xanthelasma, which returns in up to 95% of instances, and also due to the potentially dangerous nature of the Xanthelasma trichloroacetic acid process.

xanthelasma treatment tca

The corrosive and abrasive properties of industrial grade Acid result in the destruction of cell wall structures. There is no distortion of the skin cells, rather a much more severe melting of the skin cells. Trichloroacetic acid is initially insoluble until it reaches a temperature of 20 degrees centigrade, at which time it begins to mix with the water in cells and tissue.

When it reaches the standard 37 degrees centigrade of an individual’s internal body temperature, it undergoes total penetrating corrosion, obliterating and liquidifying everything in its path. This complete 180-degree liquidation will be aided by the reaction of the industrial acid and the H2o within the cells and tissue, causing it to strengthen until it is unable to contain its own chemical composition and fritters away.

xanthelasma treatment tca

Extraction Of Xanthelasma Trichloroacetic Acid Post-procedure.

As the damaged area heals, the cellular wall structures strengthen to compensate for the damage. The recuperating cells, whether healthy or cholesterol-engorged, are now all regenerating into single cells, but all possessing characteristics of hybridised healthy and lipid proteins, resulting in a thicker, deeper plaque. When the plaque returns, it also carries Keloid scar tissues and components, resulting in the formation of a much more robust plaque, but in a far wider variety of locations. The reintroduced Xanthelasma can now emerge anywhere on the periphery of the treated zones.

xanthelasma treatment tca

Keloid cells (excessive scar tissue) and hypopigmentation risks are significantly increased as a result of the procedure’s unrestrained destruction. The surgery will relocate the Xanthelasma away from the damaged scar tissue-infested area, and the many follow-up therapies will target the troublesome area surrounding the eyes. Each operation leaves behind keloid tissue. The medical term for this occurrence is the Koebner phenomenon.

xanthelasma treatment tca

Isn’t TCA A Really Dangerous Substance?

Your skin is quite fragile. While it can tolerate the ups and downs of daily living, removing Xanthelasma with trichloroacetic acid is risky. Due to the unmanageability of the trichloroacetic acid technique, attempting to use it to alleviate a broad variety of Xanthelasma process variables will result in extra problems and issues. While it may work for a very small fraction of the population who have the precise skin structure to allow such an aggressive approach, the fact that even these customers return for more xanthelasma difficulties as a result of the operation far outweighs the benefit of the surgery.

Additionally, there are the obvious physiological health consequences of having such an unpleasant chemical so close to your eye. When trichloroacetic acid comes into contact with the eyes, the acid builds up far too quickly for you to attempt to mediate the damage, causing significant damage and the danger of blindness.

xanthelasma treatment tca

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Xanthelasma Treatment