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Xanthelasma Removal Options Discussed.

In this article, we shall cover the pros and cons of various Xanthelasma removal options.

image of xanthelasmaIf your here, you’ve finally decided you want to get rid of those yellow bumps around your eyes.


If you’ve just landed here, you need to know what Xanthelasma is before discussing Xanthelasma removal options. Xanthelasma is a member of the Xanthoma skin disorders family. Xanthelasma is majorly caused by high cholesterol from bad LDL levels in the body. If you have Xanthelasma, you need to have your cholesterol level examined by a medical personnel to make sure you don’t need medication to control your cholesterol.

Xanthelasma can appear in various parts of the body but they are frequently found around the eyes or on the inside edge of the eyelids.


How to remove Xanthelasma from home


There are various ways suggested by which Xanthelasma can be removed, some are viable, some just don’t work.


The natural removal methods will first be discussed.

Can you remove Xanthelasma by using  garlic?


Natural garlic to treat xanthomasGarlic is good for the body and nice for the skin, but how effective is for Xanthelasma? Garlic is actually bad for the removal of Xanthelasma. You will only end up with scars and the bad smell that comes with garlic. If you ingest garlic, it will help to keep your cholesterol level under control which will stop the spread of Xanthelasma.

When you rub garlic on your plaques for Xanthelasma removal, you won’t get the successful Xanthelasma removal you desire. Garlic is slightly acidic in nature, so if you rub garlic on the plaques, the top layer of the skin will come off. When the top layer of the skin comes off, scar tissue will be introduced to the area by your skin, to protect it. When scar tissues are introduced, you get scars. The top layer of the skin will get hardened by the scar tissue. So, you’ll keep on removing scar tissues.

You will continue burning holes in your skin till the plaques are reached, if you use garlic to remove your plaques. It takes a very long time to remove, ( if at all successful) , plus you will end up with scar tissue, so, honestly speaking, garlic is not the best option for Xanthelasma removal.


What about Xanthelasma removal with castor oil?


natural-castor-oilCastor oil is a bad smelling liquid that people use to treat various ailments. But it won’t work for your plaques. Castor oil is slightly acidic, so a lot of people think it will be effective for removing Xanthelasma.

If you use castor oil for Xanthelasma removal, you will end up with the same results as you will if you use garlic. Castor oil will wither away layers of skin, trying to remove the layers before the scar tissue solidifies and makes the problem worse.

So Xanthelasma removal using natural options isn’t really effective at all?


What about removal with dermabrasion?


Dermabrasion-xanthomasDermabrasion involves sanding off the skin. It might work and clear off the plaques, but it isn’t a permanent solution. If you use dermabrasion to get rid of Xanthelasma, you are spreading the Xanthelasma cells to the surrounding areas. Micro dermabrasion is not even as precise as you think it is. By using dermabrasion, you aren’t doing much good. You will only waste time and money, only to find the Xanthelasma reoccurring in other spots.  This is a recurrent factor when treating xanthelasma plaques, that some treatments may induce a feeling that the xanthoma has been removed only to find that they re-appear in greater volume a couple of months later.


What about lasers for Xanthelasma removal?


xanthelasma co2 laser treatmentUsing lasers around the eye is bad. Lasers could affect the eye negatively. It could even lead to permanent blindness.   Suggested techniques involving co2 lasers use the same machines that are used to cut metal, so having such a strong laser focused onto the thin skin covering your eyeballs is never a good idea.  As we find with photos sent in by client after laser treatments, the xanthelasma plaques are on a microscopic level smashed into the adjoining healthy skin cell walls and the xanthelasma plaques continue to spread, but in a lot more of an informal manner, so the plaques multiply in treatment areas over time.


What Xanthelasma removal options are left for someone to use?


Surgery for removal of xanthelasma


surgery costsThere are two options remaining. Xanthelasma removal cream and surgery. We’ll examine surgery first. Xanthelasma removal with surgery works. Yes, it does. But you will end up spending a whole lot of money. Xanthelasma removal is a quite small surgery, yet it still gulps lots of money. This is because the nurses and the surgeons have to be paid, the hospital has bills and there are a whole lot of other costs to consider. Xanthelasma removal surgery could start from $2500 and could even be as expensive as $5000. This method will remove your Xanthelasma, but it will also take away a huge chunk of money from you.


Xanthelasma removal with Xanthel


Xanthelasma-removal-cream-reviewsThis is the last option and probably on one the cost effective treatments left. Xanthel cream is a specialist cream that was created as a result of the growing relationship between cosmetics and dermatologists. Xanthel is a cream that is aimed at removing Xanthelasma. It gives fast affordable results which makes it the perfect choice for Xanthelasma removal.

Xanthelasma treatment and removal is now very easy with Xanthel. With Xanthel, you can now put an end to your Xanthelasma problems.

Xanthel is very affordable and fast and effective and with our great customer services and fast delivery anywhere in the world, it’s easy to see why Xanthel is becoming the top choice for Xanthelasma removal.



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