Before and after results.

Xanthel removal results.


Before And After Xanthel ®

Xanthelasma and Xanthoma Remover

Xanthelasma and Xanthoma removal results.

Xanthel removal cream ablates the plaque without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Once the treatment is applied, it will shrink your plaques under the skin, keeping the surface layer of skin intact, which keeps the internal treated plaque free from infection. 

It works by reacting with the cholesterol stored within the xanthoma or xanthelasma cells, causing the collapse of the xanthoma cell structure, leaving it easily accessible for your white blood cells to remove the xanthoma and replace the area with health normal cells. The surface skin being kept intact keeps the area from forming a scab and thus preventing a scar appearing in the area. It will remove the plaques easily and leave no scars. Safe application and effective, gentle results.


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xanthelasma images
xanthelasma images
xanthelasma images
xanthelasma images
xanthelasma images
xanthelasma images
xanthelasma images
xanthelasma pictures

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More Xanthel ® clients

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Client Results 1

This client was suffering from pronounced Xanthelasma palpebrarum plaques which was starting to cause distortion of the upper eyelid. He had visited the doctors before and had them treated. They came back and in his own words, ‘they have gotten even bigger’.

Skin tone 2 with solidified plaques and he is also now in control of his cholesterol via statins. Previous treatment sub-dermal scar foundation.

We supplied him with Xanthel ® formulated for his parameters, with a specific application process to maximize results. We followed him up after 4 months to make sure there is no further plaques issues. We’re pleased to see fantastic results. No issues with hyper pigmentation, no scars, no return of his plaques. His plaques were removed and his skin healed and returned back to the state before he had the Xanthelasma Plaques completely in two weeks after application of Xanthel ®.

That’s the benefit of using Xanthel ®. Its specifically designed for treating Xanthelasma and Xanthoma. Its effective and specifically aimed at getting you the results you want and also being kind to your skin.

If you have any queries or questions, just send us clear, well lit focused photos and we will make sure you get the best results.

If you get a follow up email, there’s no obligation to return photos, but we do like to make sure our success is your success. 

Client Results 2

This client is suffering from Nodular xanthelasma plaques, as well as Xanthoma planar on the side of the eyelid.  Whilst this manifestation may look severe, the cholesterol deposits are sitting very high up on the surface of the skin, so are not causing any significant damage to the clients skin, it is purely a cosmetic issue with this manifestation.  There is mild distortion of the palpebra superior ,

(upper eyelid).

Skin tone 3 with mild sub dermal interaction with the lower epidermis.  Nodular xanthelasma clusters, with planar elements / non calcified.

Xanthel results in a clean dermal layer with no distortion of the cells and a simple application procedure to get an effective result. 

The follow up photo was sent in 2 months after treatment.

Being aimed specifically at treatingXanthelasma and Xanthomas, in its various formats, means that you get a simple treatment that just works.

Xanthel, The easy solution for Xanthelasma removal.

xanthelasma around the eyes
    Client Results 3    
xanthel treatment olga
xanthelasma removal olga

This client has small but deep embedded calcified xanthelasma plaques.  The second photo is just 2 weeks after treatment.  The treatment has broken down the calcification of the plaques and is still shrinking. 

There is no damage to the skin, the treatment has reduced the pronunciation of the plaques and ablated the xanthelasma cell walls ( giving access to your white blood cells to remove the rest of the LDL laden cells and return the skin to normal.

Due to the reduction of the plaques structure, the treatment has returned the eyelid crease to a normal natural contour.  A standard elimination of the Xanthelasma is expected, with the white blood cells still reducing and removing the Xanthoma cells.

Xanthelasma and Xanthoma plaques come in all shapes, depths and formats. 

Xanthel is there to treat and remove them in a gentle and easy way.

Even if you just want a second opinion on your xanthelasma and Xanthoma plaques, feel free to get in contact.

We are here to help you get the best result for removing your plaques with the help of the most effective treatment currently available on the market.

    Client Results 4    

Here we have two very close up photos from one of our clients.  The first one is just after treatment for a deep, but small plaque.  The white is the reaction process from the treatment. 

Skin tone 2 with cholesterol levels in control, calcified and deep embedded plaque. 

As the second photo shows all the plaque cells have gone and the skin has

returned to normal. 

You would have never have know this plaque was ever a problem.  No Scar tissue, no skin discoloration from the removal, just an easy treatment that works.  6 months on and no returning plaques.

That’s the advantage of using Xanthel ®. With it being specifically designed to remove xanthoma and xanthelasma plaques, its effective and gives fantastic result for all our clients.Its easy to see why we are at the apex of our industry, treating xanthelasma and Xanthoma in a safe professional way, making it easy for the clients and giving fantastic results. With a dedicated pre-sales and after sales support team, we make the whole process easy and very affordable.

Why settle for anything less? 

A professional treatment delivered anywhere in the world.

    Xanthelasma removal Cream    

We provide a Xanthelasma treatment and external xanthomas removal cream that works for you

We make sure you get the best care possible and you will receive in the post a treatment kit with everything you need to remove your Xanthelasma and Xanthomas, with safe, effective results. 

The instructions are easy to read and everything you need is included for a fast, effective treatment .

We aim to get your treatment in the postal system within 8 days of ordering.   It will be sent international first class, signed for.

We pride ourselves on providing you  a treatment that works, is pain free, easy and it even comes guaranteed to treat your Xanthelasma and external Xanthomas.

Xanthel ® – Fast, easy and effective professional results

Affordable and simple to use with free international shipping, make your Xanthelasma and Xanthomas, a thing of the past.

Get it now

Get rid of your Xanthelasma and Xanthomas once and for all with Xanthel ®.

Join the growing list of happy clients from around the world, who have used Xanthel and become Xanthelasma and Xanthoma free.



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