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Xanthel Removal cream Results 

A step by step Visual guide to removing Xanthelasma with Xanthel 

Xanthel has come into creation as a result of a demand for a removal cream for Xanthelasma, that is both effective and the least invasive. Many other treatments for Xanthelasma plaques are either not effective or too harsh. 

Following the results from unsuccessful natural treatments for Xanthelasma and the multiple of problems that can arise from some of the ‘modern’ alternative treatments, it became plain to us that there needed to be a simpler and easier way for Xanthelasma and external Xanthoma removal. 

Xanthel is specifically developed to remove xanthelasma and cholesterol spot plaques. We already have a section on the treatments before and after client cases and below we have a full process photo shoot.

Lets guide you through the process. 

One of our clients was recommended to us by a medical professional to remove her xanthelasma plaques which had been plaguing her for a long time. She had tried other treatments with no success and she decided to document the process of removing her Xanthelasma with Xanthel.

The results with Xanthel ® are below;

xanthel before and after results

^   Before the One time application of Xanthel  ® ^

Two xanthelasma plaques, one either side on the top section of her eyelids.  Both long term and deep rooted.  Other treatments tried included natural treatments and nothing helped remove them, if anything one of the previous treatments has promoted scar tissue on the right side as we look at it.

Xanthel results

^  Just after the application of Xanthel / Day 1  ^

Using our safe and gentle treatment, you can easily see where the Xanthel ® has been applied. The easy to follow guide makes application a breeze and as you can see, there are no tearful eyes indicating pain. The reaction to the cholesterol laden cells is evident straight away. There is no excess swelling and the whole process took less than 2 minutes. 

You Only need to apply Xanthel ® ONCE for fantastic results.

Xanthel results

^   Day 2   ^

Already the area is starting the healing process.  The area is already healing.  In this clients case the redness, which only lasts for a day was because of old treatments from before.  The faster the area heals, the quicker the body returns the skin to its original state. 

Considering the clients xanthelasma was deep rooted and affected by old natural treatments which promoted scar tissue, you can see already that both areas where the plaques were, are already, vastly reduced of the Xanthelasma cells.  The client has been applying an anti bacterial cream twice a day, from the start of treatment.

Xanthel results

^   Day 4   ^

As you can see on day 4,  the redness in the area has already disappeared, (most clients only have a day of redness). The xanthelasma plaques have completely gone already and the area of skin which was behind the xanthelasma is healing nicely.  There is no signs of hypo-pigmentation and the skin surrounding where the xanthelasma used to be, is returning to its natural state.

Xanthel results

^   Day 6   ^

A nice close up for day 6 and you can see there is no scabbing in the area and due to the fast promotion of the healing process, the skin is now just healing on the surface as the underlying dermis, where the xanthelasma was rooted has healed nicely already.  There is a tiny amount of redness in the area, indicating that the client is nearing the end of the healing stage of the Xanthel treatment.

Xanthel results

^  Day 8  ^

This full face shot, shows us the results for the client on day 8. The redness in the area has now dissipated. There is a slight pinkness

to the skin on day 8 and this will fade. There are NO crinkle marks on the treatment area or on the edges of the treatment area, which would indicate that the client will suffer from scar tissue. She will be scar free as well as xanthelasma free. The skin around the area has all relaxed back to its original state. The skin is smooth and back to it original state before she had xanthelasma plaques.

Xanthel results

^  Day 10 / Right eye  ^

Day ten brings us a shot of both sides of the treated areas. On the right eye, the skin tone is returning back to normal and the slight pinkness in the area has all but disappeared. The area is smooth and has returned back to its original state.

Xanthel results

^   Day 10 / Left Eye   ^

The left eye on day 10, already,  you would have never known that the client had xanthelasma in the area at any stage, or that she had scar tissue from previous natural treatments.  The distortion of the eyelid crease which resulted from the xanthelasma, has gone and the eyelid has returned to it natural state.

Xanthel results

^  Day 11  ^

Day 11 gives us a very clear facial shot, eyelids raised so we get a great shot of the effects of the treatment. The xanthelasma has completely gone, the skin has returned to its original state and there are no signs of hyper or hypo-pigmentation. The clients skin is smooth and natural looking. Any indicator that the client had ever suffered from deep rooted xanthelasma plaques is gone. There is no eyelid distortion any more. Two days time and the area will be all the same color, as Xanthel does not affect the melamine levels in the skin. 

The treatment works fast with very easy to see results. 

It no wonder we are becoming one of the most recommended treatments for Xanthelasma by doctors and professionals worldwide. With our positive approach to client support and our years of experience in the Xanthelasma removal field, we pride ourselves on making sure our clients get the best results at a very affordable price, where ever they are in the world. 

Xanthel is THE modern approach to treating xanthelasma and xanthoma plaques. Really, all the modern client wants is a product that simply works, for getting rid of their plaques. That’s why Xanthel has been tested and developed to be the professional choice when it comes to easy, one application, Xanthelasma removal at home.

Xanthel is made to remove your plaques gently and in the fastest possible time and is the most effective at making sure they don’t reappear.

There is a reason you’re in safe hands with us, we produce a product made specifically to remove Xanthelasma, which gives you an easy, safe and gentle way to remove your Xanthelasma. 

It comes with Our 100 percent money back guarantee to reassure you, that you’re getting the best Xanthelasma treatment. Add our fast delivery and expertise, with our after sales support and you can be Xanthelasma free, faster and easier than you think. 

With our sales team standing by, now is the time to finally remove your Xanthelasma plaques, once and for all.


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Our easy application method and easy to follow guide, will make sure you have a safe, easy treatment. No Mess or downtime, just apply and over the next few days your Xanthelasma plaques will shrivel away.



Made in the E.U, following the cosmetic quality ISO guidelines. Top standard production using only the best FDA approved ingredients, ensures Xanthel is a quality product.


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Xanthel works with all skin tones from the Fitzpatrick skin tone charts. From skin tone 1 (white) to skin tone 6 (black), our removal cream is effective through all the skin tone ranges, providing gentle and fast results every time.


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Fast effective free delivery, we aim to get your Xanthel cream in the postal system within 8 days of your order. Signed and tracked anywhere in the world, so you can be certain your Xanthel is safe and on its way.


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Our team is made up of experts in dermatology and cosmetology, who have years of experience in dealing with the effects of Xanthelasma and treating and removing it. Even if you are just after some advice on confirming that you have Xanthelasma around your eyes, send us clear, well lit close up photos of your skin condition and we will help you in getting the right treatment for it.


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If you have any questions on the use of your Xanthel, then just get in contact and we will, as always, endeavor to make sure we give you all the help you need.


There is a reason you’re in safe hands with us, we produce a product made specifically to remove Xanthelasma, which gives you an easy, safe and gentle way to remove your Xanthelasma and external Xanthoma. It comes with Our 100 percent money back guarantee* to reassure you, that you’re getting the best Xanthelasma treatment. 

Add our fast delivery and expertise, with our after sales support and you can be Xanthelasma free, faster and easier than you think. With our sales team standing by, now is the time to finally remove your Xanthelasma and Xanthoma plaques, once and for all.

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