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Skin Xanthelasma

Xanthelasma Of The Skin

Skin Xanthelasma can form anywhere on the body, however it is most commonly found around or on the eyelids. This is not the only type of skin xanthelasma, but because it appears on the face, it is much more visible.

On any given day, our bodies contain several forms of cholesterol. There are healthy cholesterols and harmful cholesterols. Both have an underlying purpose in the functioning of our bodies, but an excess of bad cholesterols will result in a lipid protein problem if left unchecked. Skin xanthelasma is a typical side effect of having too much harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream.

skin xanthelasma

Your skin has various depths and strengths, as well as thick and thin dermal patches. Because the skin surrounding the eyes is so thin, the excess bad cholesterol produced by the lipid disease will begin to cluster in this area. As they amass, they begin to cluster more tightly together and ingress into the next healthy cell, and so on. Soon, a cluster of Xanthelasma palpebrarum will form, and the pressure will force it to burst through layers of the dermis, eventually becoming stuck under the tough outer layer of skin and being pushed up from the bottom owing to the stresses involved.

While it will not breech and break through the top layer of skin because this layer is too tough for it to break through, it will find the area of weakest resistance and begin to move sideways, initially forming a yellowish lump that will gradually grow larger as more cholesterol-engorged cells are fed by the root through the dermis. If left to its own devices, skin xanthelasma will continue to expand in size every day.

skin xanthelasma

There is usually no apparent clinical medical diagnosis, but the yellowish colour of the cholesterol deposits that build up in the skin makes it difficult to notice. The yellowish plaques that are a visual sign of skin xanthelasma grow increasingly visible as it moves through the dermis.

skin xanthelasma

Skin Xanthelasma Research.

A biopsy can be performed if necessary, potentially for extra investigation; nevertheless, the results are unique cells known as histiocytes with fatty deposits.

However, if the sores are overly large, they may necessitate surgical intervention due to their profoundly negative aspect for the client. They are considered excessive when they begin to distort the eyelid, making opening and shutting difficult.

skin xanthelasma

What Causes Skin Xanthelasma?

Skin Xanthelasma is characterised by yellowish papules or plaques generated by lipid deposits in the eyelids. There are two major medical disorders that must be assessed and checked for: skin Xanthelasma palpebrarum (XP) and skin Ulcerative colitis. XP can be detected simply based on clinical history, the client’s diet, and blood test results, as well as a visual inspection; nevertheless, if the diagnosis is uncertain, surgical excisions and histology should be performed.

Xanthoma, the medical term for skin xanthelasma, is a skin lesion produced by the accumulation of lipid proteins in the skin’s blood vessels, such as the arteries and veins. Some forms of xanthomas are more frequent in older people, and they have been linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease and heart failure. As a result, you must have a test performed by your local GP or doctor. A lipid profile analysis will provide you and your doctor with a far better knowledge of the many reasons of your Skin Xanthelasma.

skin xanthelasma

Getting Rid Of Xanthelasma On The Skin.

When it comes to getting rid of skin xanthelasma, the two recommended treatments are Xanthel ® or surgical therapy. Xanthel ® is best used before the plaques get so large that they interfere with vision and the opening and shutting of the eyelids.

The simplicity of Xanthel ® is that it only has to be used once and then the skin is permitted to recover and return to normal, never leaving any marks where the skin xanthelasma existed.

Xanthel ®

Easy to Use And Effective

Easy to use and formulated to stop any regrowth of your Skin Xanthelasma. Gentle and clinically effective, professional results with Xanthel ®.

Fast Acting

Just one application is need in most cases to remove your Skin Xanthelasma, once and for all.

Xanthelasma Treatment