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About Us At Xanthel ®

About Us

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Our team is comprised of dedicated skin specialists who have developed a treatment for Xanthelasma that is safe, effective and affordable and designed to remove each client’s specific problem.

Xanthel ® is designed to rid you of your Xanthelasma, without penetrating your skin too deeply – this prevents scarring and marks. Xanthel ® is one of the most successful treatments on the market, known for its ability to halt the regrowth of your lesions.

Easy To Use

Follow the easy instructions for a gentle but effective treatment for your xanthelasma and xanthomas.


Xanthel ® is effective and fast working. Just one application will remove your Xanthelasma and Xanthomas in most cases.

Everyone’s Xanthelasma and Xanthomas is different – the depth, size and shape will vary from person to person, and other factors such as medical conditions, skin color and complexion, and age all have an effect on successful, scar free removal of your Xanthelasma or Xanthomas.

Xanthel ®, Xanthelasma and Xanthoma treatment formulations have been robustly tested on a wide selection of people and we are 100% confident in its effects.

Our treatment pack comes with your own formulated cream (or gel, depending on your specific case), easy application instructions and all accessories that you will need to be rid of your Xanthelasma and surface Xanthomas. Our Xanthelasma and Xanthoma treatment is safe, easy and affordable – do not suffer with this cosmetic blight any longer. If you are ready to get rid of your Xanthelasma and xanthomas forever, now you can.

Ordering your Xanthelasma treatment pack from our team is easy, and free international tracked shipping is included in the price.

Xanthelasma Removal Made Simple

about us  

For a fast reply on helping you remove your Xanthelasma. We are here to help. We are always here for aftersales advice to make sure you get the best Xanthelasma removal and Xanthomas Treatment available.

Our worldwide distribution offices are based in the UK., 483 Green Lanes, London, N13 4BS.

We also have distribution hubs in Europe and the US.

Any appointment with our offices needs to be previously agreed in writing, due to our data security.

Get in contact by telephone

+ 0044 2080501681    

All calls are recorded for training purposes. If we are out of the office. Leave us a message and we will get back to you at a convenient time. We are here to help, if our lines are busy, just email our customer support team for a fast response.

Free Worldwide Delivery

Once ordered, we will endeavour to get your removal kit out to you as soon as possible. Once it is returned from our labs, we will get the mail room to send it out to you, with free signed for delivery and international tracking, for your peace of mind.

We will endeavour to get your Xanthel ® out for delivery within 8 days of ordering.

Xanthelasma Treatment